Company Overview

Company Overview

Quality, Experience, And Expertise

Company Overview

ACLAS Technics is part of a global Aviation Network and offers ‘Quality Technical Solutions’ to airlines, OEM’s and lessors worldwide.

ACLAS Technics is a global aviation supplier, with multiple airlines, parts traders and leasing entities supported globally. With a customer base that covers Asia, Europe, Americas and Africa, ACLAS Technics deliver a professional service regardless of demographic and TAT expectations.

One Size Does Not Fit All

ACLAS Technics offers every customer a tailored service to match their needs. Based in a state-of-the-art facility in Livingston, near Edinburgh Airport, Scotland, the skilled and highly experienced ACLAS Technics team also offers a range of enhanced services to the customer

  • Specialized Equipment – the only OEM ATR Flap Repair Jig in the UK.
  • Additional future-proof services, including maximum anti-corrosion measures that are delivered as standard on every repair
  • An industry-leading guaranteed turnaround time!

ACLAS Technics Vision

  • To work in partnership with our customers to ensure our
    regular and bespoke technical solutions are tailored to their specific needs.
  • To constantly demonstrate a commitment to excellence that
    keeps us at the Leading Edge of the industry.
  • To be a first-in-class supplier of component MRO services to the
    aviation industry on a global scale, delivering unrivaled
    performance consistently.