Engine Management

Engine Management

Storage, boroscope inspections and end of life disassembly

ACLASS Technics is committed to providing the best quality solutions possible, tailored specifically for each individual client.

Engine Management

ACLAS Technics Ltd are an CAA, FAA and EASA approved MRO and have been a leading supplier of aircraft structural components for two decades. This expertise has now been transferred into PW120 series Engine life management, this includes storage, boroscope inspections and end of life disassembly where required. This process will be performed under full CAA, FAA and EASA regulatory approval, ensuring the inspection and recertification of the removed serviceable components by our skilled engine technicians and quality team. ACLAS Technics will always endeavour to have the highest quality inventory available to ensure immediate access to spare parts for our global customer base. 

Engine Storage

Engine storage transition process is key for many of our customers.  ACLAS can provide short, medium- or long-term engine storage, and perform all necessary inspections to maintain serviceability during this period. All inspections will be performed under ACLAS EASA approval resulting in technical reports and EASA form 1 certification being produced. Customers can be reassured that ACLAS will have total control of the storage process and make any transition for the engine seamless to the customer. 

End of Life Disassembly Management

This activity provides additional certified stock to support existing and new customers, as well as satisfying demands from our rapidly growing ad-hoc engine component parts sales and exchange business. ACLAS can hold consignment parts to assist our customers in gaining added value for their assets through our global aviation network. 

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